Lunar Linux

I’ve been a Lunar developer since early 2006. Lunar Linux is a very simple and easy to handle source-based Linux distribution. Development is driven by about a dozen active developers and a number of contributing users.


Xfce is one of the major desktop environments available for the X11 architecture. It is written in C based on the GTK+ toolkit. I’ve been an enthusiastic Xfce developer since 2005. Today I maintain several core components and a few panel and file manager extensions. I’m also coordinating developers of the so-called goodies which consist of panel and file manager plugins as well as additional applications that are not part of the core desktop. Last but not least, I am also the first President of the Xfce Foundation, established in 2011. Thes days, I’m mainly working on the following components (a few screenshots are available here):

Xfce’s modern file manager. It was initially written by Benedikt Meurer. My main work so far was to port it from ThunarVFS to GIO/GVfs as part of my undergraduate thesis. At the moment I am working on redesigning the side pane in order to integrate remote locations and devices better than any other file manager out there.
A D-Bus thumbnailing service that implements the thumbnail management D-Bus specification and the thumbnail managing standard. This application is used to generate the thumbnails in Thunar, Xfce’s image viewer Ristretto and a number of applications in MeeGo. It is also used heavily in Harmattan, the platform used by the Nokia N9.
A compliant menu implementation written in C using GObject. Used in Xfce starting with 4.6. It provides an easy-to-use, object-oriented interface to loading application menus. It can also be used as a convenient tool to find out what applications are available on the system. An editing API is planned.
A Thunar plugin for editing MP3/Vorbis tags and renaming media files according to their tags.
A simple command line plugin for the Xfce panel.
A little tool to find and launch applications installed on your system. It can also be used to add applications to panel launchers. Rewritten by Jasper Huijsmans and me for Xfce 4.6 based on libxfce4menu and ThunarVFS. It was later ported to garcon and GIO.
A mixer and volume panel plugin for Xfce based on GStreamer. I rewrote it for the upcoming Xfce 4.6 release.
A set of settings dialogs and daemons for core Xfce features.
A plugin for taking breaks from the computer every once in a while.


From September 2008 to mid-2009 I’ve been the official Xubuntu Xfce4 Liaison. This position involved supporting Xubuntu developers in questions about Xfce and helping to get bugs merged upstream.


Devhelp plugin for VIM
A VIM plugin for updating the Devhelp assistant or search window while the user is typing or browsing source code with the cursor.
A simple yet powerful interactive template system for VIM. This had not been planned for public release initially, hence the stupid name. I am no longer actively maintaining this plugin (meaning that I am not adding new features) but I still use it every day.