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I am an open source enthusiast, student and musician from Lübeck, Germany. In my free time I enjoy hacking on Xfce and Lunar Linux. I've been a member of both teams since about 2005. Besides developing software, I love to listen to and play music (Guitar, Bass and Drums) and hang out with friends.

Contact me via jannis@xfce.org. My public PGP key is 0x354AFBA6. You can download it from here.

My CV is also available for download.

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Monday, February 7 2011

Xfce Foundation launched at FOSDEM!

This year’s FOSDEM was a special one. Read more about it in this mail:

Hi everyone,

as some of you might have read, several of us Xfce developers and
packagers have attended FOSDEM this weekend. There was a lot of talking
and a bit of brainstorming of course. Together we enjoyed food, beer,
talks and also did something that we have been struggling with for
several years now: we launched a non-profit organization for Xfce.

Yes, you read correctly: the

  Xfce Foundation

was founded by a group of us on Saturday afternoon! It still needs to
be registered, so technically it's not an "e.V." (a non-profit
organization registered in Germany) yet. But it will be, we are working
on that.

The eight founding members are:

  #1  Christoph Wickert
  #2  Landry Breuil
  #3  Jens Luedicke
  #4  Christian Dywan
  #5  Nick Schermer
  #6  Jérôme Guelfucci
  #7  Jannis Pohlmann
  #8  Lionel Le Folgoc

Please give everyone a hug or at least a thumbs up next time they pop
up on IRC. Without them being there this would not have been possible!

The main part next to signing the articles of association (which we
will soon upload somewhere, probably on foundation.xfce.org or
something like that) was to elect the initial Board of Directors of the
Xfce Foundation. Without objections the following people were elected
to the Board of Directors with a 2 years mandate:

    Jannis Pohlmann

  Vice President:
    Nick Schermer

  Vice President and Treasurer:
    Jérôme Guelfucci

The Board will now take care of the registration process and will meet
up for the first time on March 1st, 2011. There will be a general
assembly for all Xfce Foundation members on March 6th, 2011.

We will soon announce more details about the decisions that were made
and about how you can become an Xfce Foundation member (it's really not
difficult and it won't cost you any money -- but there are obligations
connected to it of course).

After the registration we will create a bank account and a new paypal
account as well in order to collect donations. These donations will be
tax deductible!

Stay tuned for updates on this. I hope you are as excited as we are
about this. I hope it will help a lot in pushing Xfce forward.


Proud Founding Members

Tuesday, December 1 2009

Donations, FOSDEM

It’s been a while that I used PayPal for anything, so it came as a nice surprise that when I logged in yesterday I was presented with 60€ worth of donations for Thunar and Xfce as a whole. Thanks to Michael Gstettenbauer, James Wallen and Alin Anton (I hope the names are correct), you guys rock!

Edit: Of course this money will be used for Xfce activities and stuff exclusively, not for my own private expenses. ;)

Another interesting piece of information I noticed last night is that despite our inactivity with regards to FOSDEM, there is a developer room reserved for cross desktop talks at next year’s event. I haven’t talked to anyone yet but since they excplicitely mention Xfce as possible participants, I guess there still is a chance for one or two presentations related to Xfce. Anything you’d like us to talk about?

Saturday, March 14 2009

A Day Like Any Other

After having finished watching Barfly, I kinda felt like I had to sum up the day. It went like this:

That's it.

There won't be many days like this in the next few weeks. I'm about to move in with a friend of mine at the beginning of next month. I'm going to start working on my thesis about Thunar next week. I still have a voluntary oral exam in software verification ahead of me in 12 days (I think ...) and of course I need to find someone to take over the appartment I'm currently living in. Lots and lots of things to keep me more than busy.

Friday, March 13 2009

Xfce Buildbot Server - Call for Donations

We've talked about the possibility of an Xfce Buildbot server for a while now. Samuel Verstraete, a fellow Lunar Linux developer, and Thomas Dupas have offered to donate a server for that. The University of Stockholm has kindly accepted to house it. The main Lunar Linux/Foo Projects server is already located there and we've made very positive experiences with them in the past.

But right now the server is still in Belgium. Samuel has calculated that 87 EUR are needed for UPS shipment. The server currently has 2 GB of RAM which is not much considering that we're planning to run several virtual machines on it. So if we could gather 40 EUR for an another 4 GB of RAM that would be great! In addition its worth thinking about adding another CPU. The machine has two sockets of which only one is being used right now. That would add another 40 EUR.

So, all in all we're in need of 130-170 EUR here. This is why we'd be very happy if you people could help us out here.

Every donator will be personally mentioned on this weblog (and thus on blog.xfce.org) and on our mailing lists. Due to the lack an official PayPal account for Xfce, donations can be send to my account: info@sten-net.de.

A start has already been made by these people:

  • Michael Marending (who donated to Thunar a while a go)
  • Enrico Tröger
  • Colin Leroy
  • Michele Renda
  • Madcap
  • Harold Aling
  • Christoph Borsbach
  • Nick Schermer
  • Jim Campbell
  • Jean Philippe Neumann
  • Brian J. Tarricone
  • Maximilan Schleiss
  • Fedora
  • Alexander Zolotko

Current Status: 485/170 EUR

We'll post a final update in a few days, when the missing hardware has arrived at Samuel's place.

Thanks to everyone for making this happen so fast!

Wednesday, September 10 2008

You guys rock!

This is my first post ever on the Xfce weblog. I’ve never been so much into blogging. I tried for a while but stopped at some point. However, this is not about me and my blogging habits: this is about how the Xfce community — yes, you! — rocks!

About a month ago, my laptop suddenly stopped working. We were working hard on the alpha (little did we know how long it would take to finally release it … I suppose Stephan is preparing release notes at this very moment) and this was just bad timing. I reported it on the mailinglist to let the other developers know about my situation. I had no idea of what would happen next.

And then I received the first mail offering a donation. And then another one. And another. One day later my PayPal account had grown up to third of the price of the laptop which I finally bought two weeks later. This came completely unexpected and just blew me away!

So on my short England vacation (I was visiting and old friend of mine in Portsmouth) I made plans on what to buy. I read a lot of reviews and at the end I came back to the same brand I had used before: I bought a Thinkpad. My old one was a R51 bought in 2004. It served me well all the years at home, at the university and at work. It even survived a shelf crash (I only had to replace the keyboard). When I arrived at Lübeck at 11pm on August 26th, I ordered a Thinkpad T61 in the same night. I still had to wait about a week waiting for it to arrive which I literally spent it on the couch doing nothing else than to wait for the postman. This has to be one of the worst weeks of my life ;)

Just like the whole week, the arrival was kind of chaotic. I had received a tracking URL the day before and so I followed the delivery process online. At noon on the day of the arrival it said “the package has been delivered”. And I was like … what?! Then I called their service number and a computer voice told me it had been delivered and some guy had signed it. Unfortunately I couldn’t find his name on any of the mailboxes downstairs. There was just one last opportunity: the sex shop in the basement. DHL had never dropped a package for me there before. I went into the shop and asked the guy if he was Mr. X (the one who signed the package). He said: No, I am not. I asked: Does a Mr. X work here then? He said: Yeah. I said: Well, did DHL leave any packages for me today? And he said: Yes. And there it was, my new laptop:

Broken R51, Brand new T61 and me

What can I say? It’s a great laptop! I managed to get all the features working within a few days, like special keys, suspend to ram, hibernate and it’s fast as hell! I might write a more detailled report about how to set up Linux on it for ThinkWiki later. The first thing to do obviously was to remove Windows and install Lunar Linux (the distribution I help working on) on it. And since then I’ve spent a lot of nights hacking on Xfce already. But that’s another story …

So today I want to thank those of you who stepped up and helped me out. I thought some time about whether to tell their names or not. I am really grateful for what they did so I think they deserve to be listed. So I’d like to thank the following people a lot for their help. In alphabetical order:

  • Benedikt Meurer
  • Bernhard Fröhlich
  • Christine Pohlmann
  • Cody A.W. Somerville
  • Colin Leroy
  • Jelle de Jong
  • Stavros Giannouris

This has once again proven that you — the Xfce community as a whole — rock!

Seems like Stephan hasn’t finished the release notes yet, so I’ll spend the rest of the evening bugging him about it. I hope you’ll enjoy the alpha and Xfce 4.6 in general. Everyone is welcome to join our mailinglists and IRC channels to discuss ideas, bugs or possible contributions - if you think Xfce is worth it, let us know and maybe you can help making it even better than it is today.

Edit: Not only the community rocks, our developers do so as well! Thanks Benny!